Thursday, April 15, 2010

I didn't think boxed wine could get any better. But it has.

The forward-thinking folks at Underdog Wine Merchants have introduced a line of high-quality wines (that are, frankly, a real bargain!) in their Octavin Home Wine Bar collection -- all packaged in stylish 3-liter octagonal boxes.

I love boxed wine (aka bag-in-box).  In fact, I love everything about the concept, especially at this point in my life when I'm not necessarily inclined to drain an entire 750ml bottle of wine in a single sitting.  What's great is that the Octavin collection features wines that I already know and enjoy, such as Big House White and Red, Monthaven Chardonnay, and Silver Birch Sauvignon Blanc.

The large 3-liter boxes hold the equivalent of 4 standard (750ml) bottles for around $25.  Better still, the vacuum-packed collapsible bag inside the box keeps the wine fresh for up to 6 weeks.  This means you can enjoy a glass (or a half-glass, for that matter) anytime you like - and the last glass is as fresh and vibrant as the first.  It's really a wonderful combo of terrific wine and super an affordable price too.

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