Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Pairing: Shrimp Burgers & Rosé

Rose_2009_Bottle When it comes to grilling, it doesn't get much more Southern than shrimp burgers—and one of my favorite recipes is Shrimp Burgers with Sweet 'n' Spicy Tartar Sauce. This is also the time of year I gravitate toward rosés, which are, generally speaking, super-refreshing and perfectly suited for the kind of grilled seafood recipes I love.

When I think about tucking into one (or two) of these super-delicious shrimp burgers—with the tender, smoky chunks of shrimp dressed in a Cajun-inspired dressing—I can't help but also think about washing each bite down with a swig of crisp, cool rosé.

In fact, on a recent trip to Paso Robles, where top-notch rosés are being produced for the most part under the radar screen, I was reminded of just how promising this food and wine pairing of shrimp burger and rosé could be.  (More to follow on my trip to Paso Robles—my new favorite California wine county destination—in upcoming posts.)  I tried a number of tasty rosés on my trip—many were paired with grilled seafood and veggies—all were worth tracking down once I got back to Birmingham.  I can't encourage y'all enough to fire up the grill and try one of the wines below with our shrimp burger'll be glad you did!

Paso Robles rosés:
 - Tablas Creek Rosé ($22)
- Robert Hall Winery, "Rose de Robles" ($15)
- L'Aventure Estate Rosé ($25) - worth ordering from site
- Villicana Winery Rosé ($18) - worth ordering from site


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